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Use GOffice to Help You

Many people by now are familiar with Google Writer and Google Spreadsheets (now known as Google Docs and Spreadsheets), affectionately known as GOffice (Google Office) by some. But did you know that these two helpful tools can actually help you?

Tip 1: Using GSpreadsheets As a Phonebook Simply setup a spreadsheet, the first row being all the standard phonebook information, then fill in your data. You can even export your spreadsheets as a CSV file and load it into your favorite calender program.

Tip 2: Access Anywhere Upload any papers you want access to anywhere. Your documents are now only a click away (you can even edit them, and keep track of what you changed!)

Note: As your documents are stored on Google’s servers, posting anything sensitive may not be the best idea.

Tip 3: Keep Track of Your Changes One of the cooler features of Google Docs and Spreadsheets is the ability to keep track of what you change in a file. This may not seem important, but some day you’ll thank them.

Tip 4: Collaborate Something some people fail to notice is the fact you can add multiple authors and viewers to your document. Great way to write a group paper, or show that memo to anyone in the company.

Tip 5: Email Them Spreadsheets! You can upload both documents and spreadsheets to Google D&S via the email address provided in your account settings. You can also just send the text contents of the email to that address, and a document is created. Easy time-saver!

Wanna Check It Out? You can take a look at Google Docs and Spreadsheets here. Enjoy!