Friday, September 25 Reviews -


Some of you may remember my post a few weeks ago about the fact I was now using a news aggregator to keep track of posts on my favorite blogs and news websites — Omea Reader, to be specific. Well, I finally realized the beauty of web based services: you can use it from any computer without a problem. I recently switched back over to my desktop from my laptop and didn’t feel like hassling myself with reinstalling Omea Reader. As a result, I imported all of my feeds into Newsgator’s online reader. Thus far, I must say I’m impressed.

You can see every new post per blog when you first open the blog. You can then mark each one as read individually or as a whole (there is also an option for a post to be marked read when it is seen). You can set it so you only see new posts (a useful feature for me). You can also see all news posts in one long strip — not a feature I will likely use, but something others may found helpful. You can also see how many subscribers each feed has (of those using Newsgator, of course). A feature unique to Newsgator also exists: you can see the most popular news stories (in terms of most linked to by the blogging community — this is how I found about about Steve Irwins death — my assistant editor, who does not do RSS, didn’t find out until earlier this afternoon, shortly before they wrote about it here). In addition to this, you can do various other things expected in an RSS reader: go to the original page, etc, etc. And the best thing of all: the price is perfect — free. They also offer a few paid software tools, including an RSS reader built in to Outlook.

Compared to Google Reader, Newsgator is much more polished. Now all they need to add is a Google module (to view recently updated feeds on my IG page) and a Firefox extension (add feeds). Although the lack of these features certainly won’t turn me away, they would definitely decrease my chance of leaving Newsgator. Who knows, if they do take my advice, maybe I’ll even buy a paid version?