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Google Reader v. Bloglines

I used to be a devout user of Bloglines until Google rolled around with the second version of their RSS reader, the aptly-named Google Reader. Since then, I’ve made the switch and there’s not turning back. Here are just a few of the key features in Google Reader I’ve learned to not be able to live without:

1. AJAX All the Way! Bloglines still utilizes frames to get things done. Google Reader, on the other hand, is a full AJAX-interface, as are all other Google apps. +1 for Google Reader, as AJAX is just plain cool.

2. Consistency This isn’t as much for Google Reader as for Google Apps in general. Gmail follows the same layout pattern in terms of navigation, color scheme, and just plain organization. They also share keyboard shortcuts (a feature that Bloglines, to my knowledge, does not even have).

3. Speed I often found that Bloglines was often really slow, especially after I first logged in. I’ve never noticed that with Google Reader — it’s always very snappy and swift. I do get that pesky error 007 sometimes, but a quick reload of Google Reader’s PermaTab&tm; always takes care of that.

4. Statistics Google Reader added on statistics awhile back. While I can’t say they have any particular use, I now can tell you I do most of my feed reading around 6 in the morning and 8 at night

5. Simplicity The Bloglines layout, at times, can be kind of hard to figure out (ever try locating their settings page?) The Google Reader layout, on the other hands, is very simple and easy to use, even without familiarizing yourself with the interface. It likely leads back to point #2, but even still Google Reader deserves a mention in this section.

My result? Google Reader all the way. Try them for yourself, if you want. I, however, will be sticking with GReader.

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