Friday, September 18

The Bottom Line Spiffy

It looks like that cesspool called MySpace finally decided to try and block Photobucket. If you don’t recall, they tried it with YouTube last year — that lasted a whole two hours. Anyway, it apparently started around 10:30 last night and is still in effect right now.

The Bottom Line Reviews

Some of you may remember my post a few weeks ago about the fact I was now using a news aggregator to keep track of posts on my favorite blogs and news websites — Omea Reader, to be specific. Well, I finally realized the beauty of web based services: you can use it from any computer without a problem. I recently switched back over to my desktop from my laptop and didn’t feel like hassling myself with reinstalling Omea Reader. As a result, I imported all of my feeds into Newsgator’s online reader. Thus far, I must say I’m impressed.

The Punishment Fits the Crime

It’s always been an accepted fact of society that the punishment must fit the crime. How’d you like it if you were sent to prison for life because you got a parking ticket? While that example’s a little severe, you get the idea.

What Is Wrong With Society

We could be here all day, so I’ll try to keep it short. Unfortunately, the easier question would be what isn’t wrong with society. I could probably count that list on my left hand (not my right, I’m left handed), but what would be the fun in that? To make things easier, I’ve broken this whole rant into sections.

Use GOffice to Help You

Many people by now are familiar with Google Writer and Google Spreadsheets (now known as Google Docs and Spreadsheets), affectionately known as GOffice (Google Office) by some. But did you know that these two helpful tools can actually help you?

Illegal Immigration

I have been a strong opponent of illegal immigration since the beginning of the whole debate — in my opinions, illegals have no right to be in the United States without permission. I guarantee you, if I were to illegally immigrate to Mexico, I would be shot within a week. Don’t you dare call this racist, sexists, nationalist, or anything else — it’s the plain truth. Mexico as a whole has much less tolerance for immigrants, especially those who are illegal.

Google Reader v. Bloglines

I used to be a devout user of Bloglines until Google rolled around with the second version of their RSS reader, the aptly-named Google Reader. Since then, I’ve made the switch and there’s not turning back. Here are just a few of the key features in Google Reader I’ve learned to not be able to live without: